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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Evaluating Technology-Based Self-Monitoring of Performance with Differential Reinforcement for Students with Disabilities

    3. Mediating Effect of Quality of Sleep Moderated by Meaning in Life on the Relationship between Hwabyung and Suicidal Ideation in Middle-Aged Korean Women

    4. Psychometric Properties of Interpersonal Regulation Questionnaire for Chinese College Students: Gender Differences and Implications for Well-Being

    5. The Sexual Self as a Function of Relationship Status in an Emerging Adult Sample

    6. Proactive Career Orientation and Subjective Career Success: A Perspective of Career Construction Theory

    7. The Role of Emergent Literacy Assessment in Brazilian Portuguese Literacy Acquisition during COVID-19

    1. Correlates of COVID-19 Preventative Behaviors before and after Vaccination Availability

    2. The Effect of Just-World Beliefs on Cyberaggression: A Moderated Mediation Model

    3. Food and Development: Children and Adolescents with Neurodevelopmental and Comorbid Eating Disorders—A Case Series

    4. An Empirical Study of Social Loafing Behavior among Public Officers in South Korea: The Role of Trust in a Supervisor, Perceived Organizational Support, and Perceived Organizational Politics

    5. Occupational Psychosocial Risks and Quality of Professional Life in Service Sector Workers with Sensory Processing Sensitivity

    6. Stimulus Heterogeneity in a Task-Irrelevant Dimension Affects Selective Attention

    1. Job Autonomy and Work Meaning: Drivers of Employee Job-Crafting Behaviors in the VUCA Times

    2. Differential Effects of Musical Expression of Emotions and Psychological Distress on Subjective Appraisals and Emotional Responses to Music

    3. Dual-Task Performance, Balance and Aerobic Capacity as Predictors of Falls in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease: A Comparative Study

    4. Assessing the Validity and Reliability of a French Version of the Child Feeding Questionnaire among Black Mothers Living in Ottawa (Canada)

    5. Factors Influencing Participation in Physical Activity, Sports, and Exercise in Children and Adolescents with Spinal Pain or Spinal Conditions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Ethnography

    6. Self-Help Groups within Nursing Homes: The Experiences of Family Caregivers in Northeastern Italy

    1. Evidence for Using ACQUIRE Therapy in the Clinical Application of Intensive Therapy: A Framework to Guide Therapeutic Interactions

    2. Creative Performance and Conflict through the Lens of Humble Leadership: Testing a Moderated Mediation Model

    3. The Effect of Follower Identity on Followership: The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy

    4. Professional Identity and Career Adaptability among Chinese Engineering Students: The Mediating Role of Learning Engagement

    5. Role of Cue Training, Context, and Stimulus Intensity on Fear Generalization in Humans

    6. Evaluating Influencing Factors of Audiences’ Attitudes toward Virtual Concerts: Evidence from China

    1. Social Media Use and Depression in Adolescents: A Scoping Review

    2. Do Moral Judgments in Moral Dilemmas Make One More Inclined to Choose a Medical Degree?

    3. Expanding the Trauma-Informed Care Measurement Toolkit: An Evaluation of the Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care (ARTIC-45) Scale with SUD Workers in PIMH

    4. The Temporal Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Loneliness: The Moderating Role of Self-Compassion

    5. Cue Weighting in Perception of the Retroflex and Non-Retroflex Laterals in the Zibo Dialect of Chinese

    6. Sense of Relational Entitlement and Couple Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Couple Negotiation Tactics

    1. Can Post-Retirement Work Always Prevent Depression?

    2. Transfer Effect of Cognitive Advantages in Visual Working Memory Capacity: Evidence from Elite Football Players

    3. Why Do Employees Show Pro-Environmental Behaviors? A Perspective of Environment Social Responsibility

    4. Subjective Perceptions of ‘Meaning of Work’ of Generation MZ Employees of South Korean NGOs

    5. Beat People but Not Face: The Role of Perceived Face Threat in the Influence of Abusive Supervision on Employee Feedback Seeking

    6. The Role of Gratitude in a Positive Psychology Group Intervention Program Implemented for Undergraduate Engineering Students

    7. How to Get Your Certificate

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