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Course Curriculum

    1. Cross-Sectional ARDL Analysis to Access the Impact of Stressful Living Environment and Extreme Weather Events on Youth’s Education

    2. Determinants of Peruvian Export Efficiency: Poisson PML Estimation Approach

    3. European Union Innovation Efficiency Assessment Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

    4. The Moderating Role of Research and Development (R&D) Support in the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and per Capita Output—A Study on the GCC Countries

    5. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises’ Readiness for Digital Transformation in Indonesia

    6. The Impact of the Stock Market on Liquidity and Economic Growth: Evidence of Volatile Market

    1. The Effects of Inequality on the Substitution of Essential Goods for Tobacco Smoking in South Africa

    2. Refund of Consumption Tax to Low-Income People: Impact Assessment Using Difference-in-Differences

    3. Threshold of the CAPB That Can Be Attributed to Fiscal Consolidation Episodes in South Africa

    4. Policy Drivers of Inter-Regional Investment in China

    5. Dynamic Dependency between the Shariah and Traditional Stock Markets: Diversification Opportunities during the COVID-19 and Global Financial Crisis (GFC) Periods

    6. Liquidity Creation, Oil Term of Trade Shocks, and Growth Volatility in Middle Eastern and North African Countries (MENA)

    1. Drivers of Financial Inclusion: Insights from Sub-Saharan Africa

    2. Empirical Linkages between Branching, Lending, and Competition: A Study of Pakistani Banks

    3. Monetary Policy Implications on Macroeconomic Performance in the Common Monetary Area: A Panel-SVAR Framework

    4. Analysis of Success Factors, Benefits, and Challenges of Issuing Green Bonds in Lithuania

    5. Latin America and the Caribbean’s Productivity: The Role of Pro-Market Policies, Institutions, Infrastructure, and Natural Resource Endowments

    6. The Critical Factors Affecting the Implementation of Corporate Governance in Indonesia: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis

    1. The Spillover Effects of US Unconventional Monetary Policy on Inflation and Non-Inflation Targeting Emerging Markets

    2. One, Two, Three: How Many Green Patents Start Bringing Financial Benefits for Small, Medium and Large Firms?

    3. On the Determinants of Sanctions Effectiveness: An Empirical Analysis by Using Duration Models

    4. Nowcasting Economic Activity Using Electricity Market Data: The Case of Lithuania

    5. Tourism Village Development: Measuring the Effectiveness of the Success of Village Development

    6. Is There an Impact of Digital Transformation on Consumer Behaviour? An Empirical Study in the Financial Sector

    1. An Understanding of How GDP, Unemployment and Inflation Interact and Change across Time and Frequency

    2. Nowcasting Unemployment Using Neural Networks and Multi-Dimensional Google Trends Data

    3. Generation Change in Agriculture: A Systematic Review of the Literature

    4. Issues of EU Member Nations Shared Sovereignty, Institutions, and Economic Development

    5. Structural Equation Model (SEM) of Social Capital with Landowner Intention

    6. Empirical Analysis of Inclusive Growth, Information and Communication Technology Adoption, and Institutional Quality

    1. Analysis of the Impact of the Pandemic on the Growth, Use, and Development of E-Business: A Systematic Review of the Literature

    2. Household Economics, Information Sources and Annuity Choices: Annuitisation Preferences of Members of the Slovak Private Pension Pillar

    3. The Moderating Role of Liquidity in the Relationship between the Expenditures and Financial Performance of SMEs: Evidence from Jordan

    4. Economic Role of Government Budget Revision in the Presence of COVID-19

    5. Understanding the Antecedents and Consequences of Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Testing Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance

    6. Do Share Allocations to the Indigenous Investor Drive the Demand for IPOs?

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