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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. A Proposed Analytical and Numerical Treatment for the Nonlinear SIR Model via a Hybrid Approach

    3. Multi-Step-Ahead Wind Speed Forecast Method Based on Outlier Correction, Optimized Decomposition, and DLinear Model

    4. Estimating the Critical Velocity of the Incipient Motion of Particles on the Cuttings Bed Surface: An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis

    5. A Cost Optimisation Model for Maintenance Planning in Offshore Wind Farms with Wind Speed Dependent Failure Rates

    6. Real-Time Trajectory Planning for Hypersonic Entry Using Adaptive Non-Uniform Discretization and Convex Optimization

    7. An IoT-Based Framework for Personalized Health Assessment and Recommendations Using Machine Learning

    1. Enhancing Precision in Large-Scale Data Analysis: An Innovative Robust Imputation Algorithm for Managing Outliers and Missing Values

    2. Software Defect Prediction Using Dagging Meta-Learner-Based Classifiers

    3. Deep Diffusion Kalman Filter Combining Large-Scale Neuronal Networks Simulation with Multimodal Neuroimaging Data

    4. HAPC Model of Crowd Behavior during Crises

    5. A Method for Perception and Assessment of Semantic Textual Similarities in English

    6. Carrier Phase Residual Modeling and Fault Monitoring Using Short-Baseline Double Difference and Machine Learning

    1. A Federated Personal Mobility Service in Autonomous Transportation Systems

    2. Non-Ferrous Metal Price Point and Interval Prediction Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Optimized LSTM Network

    3. Seismic Bearing Capacity Solution for Strip Footings in Unsaturated Soils with Modified Pseudo-Dynamic Approach

    4. A Continuous Multistage Load Shedding Algorithm for Industrial Processes Based on Metaheuristic Optimization

    5. Robust Benchmark for Propagandist Text Detection and Mining High-Quality Data

    6. Application of STEM Technologies on the Example of the Problem of a Thread with a Load

    1. Online Personalized Learning Path Recommendation Based on Saltatory Evolution Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

    2. Modeling Asymmetric Volatility: A News Impact Curve Approach

    3. Numerical Simulation of the Korteweg–de Vries Equation with Machine Learning

    4. A New Visualization and Analysis Method for a Convolved Representation of Mass Computational Experiments with Biological Models

    5. Optimal Capacity and Location for STATCOM with Seasonal Wind Power Prediction Using C-Vine Copula

    6. An Overview of Applications of Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets in Supply Chain Management: The State of the Art and Future Directions

    1. The Impact of Carbon Allowance Allocation Rules on Remanufacturing Decisions in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain

    2. A Numerical Study of Heat Performance of Multi-PCM Brick in a Heat Storage Building

    3. Influences of Talent Cultivation and Utilization on the National Human Resource Development System Performance: An International Study Using a Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Model

    4. Estimation of Mediation Effect on Zero-Inflated Microbiome Mediators

    5. Global Sensitivity Analysis Method for Embankment Dam Slope Stability Considering Seepage–Stress Coupling under Changing Reservoir Water Levels

    6. Fuzzy Domination Graphs in Decision Support Tasks

    1. Advance Landslide Prediction and Warning Model Based on Stacking Fusion Algorithm

    2. A Meta-Classification Model for Optimized ZBot Malware Prediction Using Learning Algorithms

    3. Combining the Taguchi Method and Convolutional Neural Networks for Arrhythmia Classification by Using ECG Images with Single Heartbeats

    4. Event Log Data Quality Issues and Solutions

    5. Methods of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Controlling the Operating Modes of the Stabilization Column of the Primary Oil-Refining Unit

    6. The Imbalanced Classification of Fraudulent Bank Transactions Using Machine Learning

    7. How to Get Your Certificate

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