Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Introduction

    3. Role of Databases in Application Development

    4. Tables and Relationships

    5. Database Constraints

    1. Introduction to Querying

    2. The ANSI SQL Standard

    3. Main SQL Commands

    4. Query Tools

    1. The Select Statement

    2. Filtering Selects

    3. Formatting Selects

    4. Column Aliases

    1. The Where Clause

    2. Filter Conditions

    3. Combining Multiple Filter Conditions

    4. More Filter Operations

    1. Counting Records

    2. Aggregate Functions

    3. Consolidating Data: Do's and Don'ts

    4. Multiset Consolidation Features

    1. The Group-By Clause

    2. The Having Clause

    3. Grouping: Do's and Don'ts

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