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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Introduction

    3. Setting Up Xamarin Studio

    4. Introduction to Variables

    5. Booleans in iOS

    6. Booleans in Android

    7. Integers in iOS

    8. Integers in Android

    9. Floats & Doubles in iOS

    10. Floats & Doubles in Android

    11. Characters in iOS

    12. Characters in Android

    13. Strings in iOS

    14. Strings in Android

    15. Summary of Variables

    1. Arrays in Xamarin

    2. Boolean Arrays in iOS

    3. Integer Arrays in Android

    4. Float & Double Arrays in iOS

    5. Character Arrays in Android

    6. String Arrays in iOS

    7. Access Elements in Number Arrays in Android

    8. Access Elements in Boolean, Character and String Arrays in iOS

    9. Modifying Variables Within an Array in Android

    10. Multidimensional Integer Arrays in iOS

    1. Introduction to If-Statements

    2. If Statements with Booleans in iOS

    3. If Statements with Integers in Android

    4. Two Conditions with One If Statement in iOS

    5. Two Conditions Using Nested If Statements in Android

    6. If Statements with Different Outcomes in iOS

    7. Else If Statements in Android

    8. Else Statements in iOS

    9. Summary & Recap

    1. Introduction to For Loops

    2. For Loops That Increment a Counter in iOS

    3. Appending Strings Using For Loops in Android

    4. Printing Character Arrays in iOS

    5. Modifying an Array Element Using For Loops in Android

    6. Indexing with a For Loop in iOS

    7. If Statements in For Loops in Android

    8. Accessing Elements Without Changing the Index in iOS

    9. For Loops in the Mario Game in Android

    1. Introduction to Functions

    2. Void Function Without Parameters in iOS

    3. Void Function With Parameters in Android

    4. Number Return Type Functions in iOS

    5. Boolean and String Return Types in Android

    6. If Statements in Functions

    7. Functions Calling Other Functions

    1. Setting Up Xamarin

    2. Designing the Layout

    3. Adding IDs to the Design Template

    4. Initializing the Fields Used in the Layouts

    5. Implementing Main Functionality

    6. Returning the App & Finishing the Design

    7. Setting up Xamarin for iOS Development

    8. Designing the Layout in iOS

    9. Assigning Names & Improving Design

    10. Initializing the Button

    11. Implementing Functionality in iOS

    12. Running and Changing Appearances in iOS

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